Futuristic Wooden Gym: Ariake Gymnastics Center

Designed to resemble a “wooden bowl that floats in the bay,” the Ariake Gymnastics Center was constructed using traditional Japanese construction techniques, using 2300 cubic meters of wood from all over Japan. It is a multi-purpose hall with a 12,000 seating capacity and located in the Tokyo Bay area, south of Tokyo Station, and near the popular Odaiba entertainment district. This gymnastics center will be the venue for Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline Gymnastics events, as well as Boccia events.

90 meter long roof beams have no steel framework, and create a spacious interior without the use of pillars at the center of the structure. Beautifully crafted benches made from wood sourced in Mie Prefecture surround the main floor of the building.

There are other reasons to be excited. Japan has a strong gymnastics team and is anticipated to perform very well during these games. It comes as no surprise considering strong performances in men’s gymnastics in the early 2000’s when pioneers such as Hiroyuki Tomita captured 3 Olympic medals. We recently interviewed him about life as a gymnast, as well as about sightseeing spots that he recommends. You can read about it here:

Visitors will enjoy exploring Odaiba, Tokyo’s most exciting entertainment area, and home to many shops, restaurants as well as amusement parks and beaches. Anime fans will enjoy seeing a life-size Gundam statue in front of DiverCity, a large shopping-entertainment facility. Lovers of art and technology are sure to be amazed by the interactive digital art by teamLab Borderless: Mori Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM.

There are too many fun places to list here, but just to highlight a few:
Aqua City Odaiba for shopping,
DECKS Tokyo Beach for shopping and dining,
Tokyo Joypolis for thrilling amusement park rides,
VenusFort, for outlet shopping,
And more!

Once things return to normal, all of Tokyo is looking forward to your visit. You’re going to want to include Odaiba, and the other areas around the Ariake Gymnastics Center in your itinerary!