Three Weeks To Go! Tokyo is Ready to Celebrate International Sports

While taking precautions and countermeasures for safety, sporting competitions and events are being held all around the world, creating excitement for fans as they watch the games. Even during the hardships brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, fans are able to enjoy professional sports and international competitions. And of course everyone involved follows daily measures such as alcohol disinfection in addition to wearing masks to prevent infection.

This global pandemic has been going on for more than a year and we all look forward to its eventual end. And with that end, a restart of international exchange! In July, athletes from all over the world will gather in Tokyo. And although people from all over the world gathering together was not such a particularly special thing two years ago, it can surely be said that this gathering will be a big step to recovery!

Tokyo is making preparations to welcome visitors from all over the world. Tokyo is preparing new tourist attractions, and barrier-free and multi-lingual support for visitors who will come in the near future. Keep an eye on Tokyo’s steps to prepare for your visit. Take the time to plan your trip to Tokyo as Japan re-opens its doors to the world!

Tokyo is looking forward to seeing you soon!