Experience the New and Improved Japan Sports Journey!

We’re proud to announce that the Japan Sports Journey website has been relaunched!

The Venue page has been updated with information on the venues of the world's largest international sports tournament, that will be held in Tokyo this summer!
Some events will be held in venues outside of Tokyo; the Venue page will show you tourist information on each of the event venues. On the Venue page, you will find the events that will be held at each venue as well as tourist information on the areas where these venues are located. There are many prefectures in Japan and this tournament is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about the charms of prefectures that you did not know about previously.

The International Sports Events page has been updated, too!
Many more sporting events will be held in Japan in 2020 and after, and on the International Sports Events page, you can check the details of some of the important events.

And if you are planning a trip to Japan—or have already booked one—please visit the 30 Things to Do page. This page will be opened on Monday 3rd February, so please wait for a while! We have compiled a video playlist of "30 things to do in Japan" which can be memorable and exciting for travellers. The videos show the real trials that rugby legends Justin Harrison, Émile Ntamack, Andy Gomarsall MBE experienced. Check out these clips, and start getting excited about the memories you can make in this unforgettable country.

Japan Sports Journey will continue to share tourist information from around Tokyo and Japan for visitors and sports fans of this year's world class sports event, so stay tuned!