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Shibuya is one of the centers of Tokyo’s youth culture and a major transport hub.

Visit Shibuya

Shibuya is one of the centers of Tokyo’s youth culture and a major transport hub. Whatever you’re looking to do—shop, dine, drink, or party—you can do it in Shibuya. When it comes to sports, one of Shibuya’s main draws is the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, which was the location for swimming, diving, and basketball during the 1964 Summer Olympics. It is currently used for ice hockey, futsal, and basketball competitions. Shibuya is also home to the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.


Access from Narita Airport to Shibuya Station

・Keisei Skyliner to Nippori Station; Change to the Yamanote Line and go to Shibuya Station (about 1h 15min.)

Access from Haneda Airport to Shibuya Station

・Keikyu Airport Express to Shinagawa Station; Change to the Yamanote Line and go to Shibuya Station (about 45 min.)
・Airport Limousine Bus to Shibuya Station(about 1h 20min.)

Things To Do


  • Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

    Shibuya - Art

    Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

    Avant-garde artist Taro Okamoto was famed for his abstract paintings and sculptures. The building that served as his home and studio is now open to the public as an inspiring collection of his work.

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  • Nezu Museum

    Shibuya - Art

    Nezu Museum

    Located in the trendy neighborhood of Omotesando, the Nezu Museum was founded to preserve and exhibit the extensive pre-modern art collection of Nezu Kaichiro, a successful businessman and politician. The museum also features a shop, café and garden.

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Nature & Park

  • Yoyogi Park

    Shibuya - Nature & Park

    Yoyogi Park

    Why not grab lunch to go, sit in Yoyogi Park and relax in the vast, green space. While you’re there you can stroll over to Meiji Shrine.

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  • Miyashita Park

    Shibuya - Nature & Park

    Miyashita Park

    Not only does the newly opened Miyashita Park boast a variety of eateries and shops, it also houses a vast rooftop park where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities. Along with the green lawns there is a skate park, a multi-purpose sports facility, and a bouldering wall—perfect for a day with the family.

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  • Nonbei Yokocho

    Shibuya - Nightlife

    Nonbei Yokocho

    In Shibuya you can find the famous Drunkard’s Alley—nonbei yokocho in Japanese. Filled with izakayas, it’s a popular place to stop for a drink and has a great atmosphere!

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  • Sports Bar: <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_the-aldgate">The Aldgate</a>, <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_hobgoblin">Hobgoblin</a>, <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_hub">HUB</a>, <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_the-footnik">THE FooTNiK</a>

    Shibuya - Nightlife

    Sports Bar: The Aldgate, Hobgoblin, HUB, THE FooTNiK

    There are a few sports bars in Shibuya. The Aldgate, a British pub, is a great spot where you can sit and watch the Rugby matches with a drink!


  • Old Asakura House

    Shibuya - History

    Old Asakura House

    Erected in 1919, for Torajiro Asakura - then the Chairman of Tokyo’s Prefectural Assembly - Old Asakura House stands as an idyllic slice of history remarkably preserved within Shibuya's modernity. Walk, in stockinged feet, through historic drawing and conference rooms, once only enjoyed by elite guests. Spring and autumn provide stunning views of the Japanese garden caressing the cliff line of the premises.

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    Shibuya - Experience


    Wadaiko, or Japanese drums, make a huge sound that you can feel throughout your body. When you play with your friends, the sound can be even more impressive. Playing wadaiko uses your whole body and is a great form of exercise.

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  • Shibuya Takkyu Club

    Shibuya - Experience

    Shibuya Takkyu Club

    Table tennis (ping pong) is popular in Japan, especially at onsens or game centers. Why don't you enjoy it with your friends and family?

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    Shibuya - Experience


    Increasingly popular in the past twenty years, bouldering offers immeasurable excitement for groups of all sizes, ages, and tastes. With six locations in Greater Tokyo, NOBOROCK's colorful climbing walls provide hours of exhilerating healthy challenges, in a safety-minded environment.

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