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Roppongi offers an exciting mix of entertainment, shopping, and dining.

Visit Roppongi

Roppongi offers an exciting mix of entertainment, shopping, and dining that make it a favorite destination for tourists, other visitors and Tokyoites. From the upscale Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown shopping centers to the bustling entertainment area near Roppongi Crossing that’s lined with bars and nightclubs, there’s something for everybody in this popular neighborhood. Sports fans will be happy to know that there are plenty of bars in Roppongi where they can catch live games and matches of many varieties.


Roppongi to Shinjuku

Toei Oedo Line towards Tochomae/Hikarigaoka (About 10 minutes, ¥220)

Access from Shinjuku to Tokyo Stadium

Keio Line Limited Express from Shinjuku to Chofu : change to the Keio Line local train to Tobitakyu Station (About 30 minutes, ¥240). 10-minute walk.

Things To Do


  • Art:  Pottery making


    Art: Pottery making

    Japan is famous for pottery and at the Shirogane Ceramic Art School in Hiroo you can learn how to make your own! Courses are available in English.

  • Art: The National Art Center, Mori Art Museum

    Roppongi –Experience

    Art: The National Art Center, Mori Art Museum

    Two of Roppongi’s best art museums are The National Art Center and Mori Art Museum, which offer an array of exhibitions featuring globally recognized artists!


  • Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown

    Roppongi - Nature

    Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown

    You may think of Roppongi as busy and built up, but it also has much green spaces for you to enjoy! Midtown Garden, Hinokicho Park and Mohri Garden all offer tranquil escapes.

  • Garden:The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

    Roppongi - Nature

    Garden:The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum’s lawn, Japanese garden and the European garden are all spacious, public areas that change with the seasons. Adult entry is only ¥200.


  • SPORTS BAR: <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_legends-sports-bar">LEGENDS SPORTS BAR</a>, <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_hobgoblin">HOBGOBLIN</a>, <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_hub">HUB</a>

    Roppongi – Night Life


    In Roppongi there is a wide variety of sports bars, including Legends Sports Bar, Hobgoblin and HUB. They’re great places to watch Rugby matches!

  •  Tokyo Tower, City view

    Roppongi - Night Life

    Tokyo Tower, City view

    Tokyo Tower in Shiba Park is a defining landmark in Tokyo, with two observatory decks offering spectacular views of the city skyline. A great place to spend an evening!

Sports experience

  • True Japan Tour Karate Experience

    True Japan Tour Karate Experience

    Originally based on Chinese combat, karate was developed in Japan as a martial art that doesn't rely on weapons (karate means “empty hand” in Japanese). The program teaches both karate skills and the creed of the dojo.

  • Musashi Ninja Clan

    Musashi Ninja Clan

    The ninja is a historical Japanese icon that is known worldwide. They would be hired by lords and execute their missions in secrecy. Try throwing some shuriken, or ninja stars, and feel like a ninja yourself!