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Lovers of traditional Japanese culture are in for a treat in Asakusa.

Visit Asakusa

Lovers of traditional Japanese culture are in for a treat in Asakusa, where two of Tokyo’s most picturesque landmarks—Kaminarimon and Sensoji—can be found. Take the time to explore, as there are surprises around every corner in this part of the city, and plenty of shops selling everything from lacquer ware and kimono to folding fans and pottery. Amid the traditional culture, you’ll also find popular sports bars broadcasting live from around the world.


Access from Narita Airport to Asakusa Station

・Keisei Access Express to Asakusa Station (about 1h.)

Access from Haneda Airport to Asakusa Station

・Keikyu Airport Express to Asakusa Station (about 50 min.)
・Airport Limousine Bus to Asakusa View Hote (about 1h20min.)

Things To Do


  • Sumida Hokusai Museum

    Asakusa - Art

    Sumida Hokusai Museum

    Hokusai was one of the most celebrated painters and printmakers of the Edo Period. Visit the Sumida Hokusai Museum to familiarize yourself with some of his best-known pieces at the museum’s permanent exhibition, and don’t miss the intriguing special exhibitions.

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  • Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center

    Asakusa - Art

    Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center

    Learn more about the Edo Period at the Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center in Asakusa. With special exhibitions, fascinating information about Taito Ward, and demonstrations from local craftsmen; the establishment offers a wealth of historic information and culture.

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  • Ameyoko Street

    Asakusa - Nightlife

    Ameyoko Street

    Ameyoko is a lively shopping and entertainment street, just steps away from Ueno Station. It’s a perfect place for strolling, and filled with bustling izakaya—traditional Japanese pubs.

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  • Sports Bar: <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_the-world-end">The World End</a>, <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_hub">HUB</a>, <a href="/sports_bars/#sports-bar_three-monkeys-cafe">Three Monkeys Café</a>

    Asakusa - Nightlife

    Sports Bar: The World End, HUB, Three Monkeys Café

    Fancy a drink while you catch a game or two? Ueno’s got you covered, with sports bars such as The World End, HUB, and Three Monkeys Cafe.

  • NinjaBar

    Asakusa - Nightlife


    Awaiting you below Asakusa - nestled in Japan's oldest underground street - this engagingly exotic watering hole delivers drinks via bar staff bedecked in ninja suits. A selection of 300 alcoholic beverages - and free access to a wide array of cosplay costumes - sets the tone for a story you will love telling your friends.

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  • Kawara Smash Kawarana

    Asakusa - Experience

    Kawara Smash Kawarana

    Martial artists in Japan often demonstrate their prowess by smashing through stacks of traditional roof tiles called kawara. Kawarana, in Asakusa, allows visitors to test their strength by breaking through their own set of tiles. They even offer discounts for people with cracked phone screens, those with impressive abs, those who come dressed in kimono, or who arrive by rickshaw.

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  • SAMURAI TRIP Kendo Experience Tour

    Asakusa - Experience

    SAMURAI TRIP Kendo Experience Tour

    Samurai were Japanese warriors who developed incredible swordsmanship. This tradition still lives on in the martial art of kendo. A sport that is infused with the spirit of samurai, kendo focuses on the importance of respect, not just winning.

  • Asakusa Batting Stadium

    Asakusa - Experience

    Asakusa Batting Stadium

    Going to the batting cages is a beloved pastime in Japan. Feel the excitement of hitting a ball thrown by a pitcher on a video screen!

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