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Tokyo, Face to Face

As the nation’s capital, it should come as no surprise that Tokyo offers a wealth of activities. Émile went for a stroll along the streets leading towards Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. Andy then joined Émile on a yakatabune, and Andy tried out some calligraphy lessons and got lost in the Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless exhibition.

Asakusa& Slow Boat Ride

Asakusa, a part of town where you can experience the Tokyo of days past

The night view of Tokyo on board a yakatabune

My family loves sashimi, so they would be very jealous of me right now—on a boat, in Tokyo, with tons of sashimi.—Andy Gomarsall MBE

Émile visited Asakusa’s most famous destinations is Kaminarimon, The red gate is impressive and there is some shopping streets leading towards Sensoji temple.
Just strolling around the area can make for a good time.
Émile next met up with Andy, and boarded the yakatabune. For those looking to relax while
enjoying Tokyo’s lovely night scenery, a ride on the yakatabune is a must.
Joining them in the tatami room of the yakatabune was a musician who played the shamisen, a traditional three-stringed instrument. Both of the rugby greats were impressed by the performance.


From Tokyo Station to Asakusa Station

JR Line to Kanda Station; change to Tokyo Metro (About 20 minutes)

From Shinjuku Station to Asakusa Station

Tokyo Metro (About 45 minutes)

Experience many different forms of art

Admiring the intricate designs on display in Ginza SIX

Exploring the teamLab Borderless museum

This was simply amazing. The creativity and conceptualization by the creators are fascinating. You could spend the whole day here and not got bored—the variety of the artwork and how you interact with it is brilliant.—Andy Gomarsall MBE

Émile visited the celebrated lacquerware shop, Yamada Heiando. The shop’s customers include the Emperor of Japan and the Imperial Family, and Émile was awestruck by the craftsmanship that was on display. These lacquerwares would make for a perfect souvenir!
Meanwhile, Andy was visiting the MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless, to get a firsthand experience of the art and visual world found there.
He thought it was completely spectacular.


From Tokyo Station to Ginza Station

JR Line to Yurakucho Station. Take a walk(About 10 minutes).

From Tokyo Station to Aomi Station

JR Line to Shimbashi Station; change to Yurikamome Line to Aomi Station (About 40 minutes).

Calligraphy, and Sushi

The calligraphy master was impressed by Andy’s patience and dedication to getting his characters right

Sushi chef at Gonpachi

It was just extraordinary to witness the chef making the sushi with such attention to detail—it was incredible.—Andy Gomarsall MBE

Next Andy went to YANESEN Information & Culture Center in Taito Ward for a calligraphy lesson. He learned the proper way to write strokes in kanji—Japanese characters. After a bit of practice, he started learning how to write the characters for “friend” and “Japan.” You're able to take the work you composed back home, which makes for a wonderful personal travel souvenir.
Then Andy visit to Gonpachi, the restaurant made famous by the movie Kill Bill. Andy got to see some of the places in the restaurant where some of the movie’s scenes were shot. The skilled sushi chef can be observed at work from a counter seat.


From Tokyo Station to YANESEN Tourist Information Center

JR Line to Nippori Station. Take a walk (About 20 minutes).

From Tokyo Station to GONPACHI

Tokyo Metro to Roppongi Station (About 20 minutes).


Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the center of the country’s culture and economy. This city is packed with temples and shrines, some dating back over a 1,000 years, state of the art technology, cutting edge art, and abundant nature. As you plan to enjoy the best of Japanese sports tourism, please look to the city of Tokyo as a base where you can enjoy a range of meals, from cheap tasty foods to Michelin star restaurants, as well as cuisines from all over the world.


Stadium Information TOKYO STADIUM

Rugby World Cup action will kick off at this stadium—one of Tokyo’s finest—on Septemberr 20, 2019. The stadium which can accommodate about 50,000 spectators attracts a lot of people looking forward to various events regardless of the season. Some of these events include professional sports matches, amateur league matches and concerts.
- Keio Line Limited Express from Shinjuku to Chofu; change to the Keio Line local train to Tobitakyu Station (About 30 minutes, ¥240). About 10-minute walk.