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SAPPORO: Exploring the North

The first destination in Justin Harrison’s Japan Sports Journey was Sapporo in Hokkaido. He visited Odori Park, a famous sightseeing spot, and the verdant Moerenuma Park, and even tried jingisukan, one of Hokkaido’s famous dishes.

Odori Park

Justin checks out Odori Park

Justin meets Australian rugby fans

Justin visited Odori Park, a sightseeing spot located in the heart of Sapporo. This park, a great place for people to gather and relax in nature, has gorgeous flower beds and boasts many seasonal events. It was there, in the Rugby Fanzone near the Sapporo TV Tower, that Justin met up with a lot of visiting Australian fans.


From Tokyo to Sapporo Station

Take a plane to New Chitose Airport; change to JR Rapid Airport Line (About 2h 30mins).

From Sapporo Station to Odori Park

Take a taxi (About 10 minutes).

Famous Dishes in Sapporo

Charcoal grilled lamb

Justin satisfied with his first taste of jingisukan

The next day, Justin wanted to try one of Hokkaido’s famous dishes: jingisukan, or grilled lamb. It was his first time trying it, and he really loved the taste.


From Sapporo Station to Jingisukan Shimadaya

Take a taxi (About 30 minutes).

From Odori Park to Jingisukan Shimadaya

Take a taxi (About 9 minutes).

Sapporo Sights

One of the city’s most beautiful parks, Moerenuma Park

Justin feeling refreshed in Moerenuma Park

There are a lot of families with kids here and everyone has smiles on their faces. They’re clearly enjoying the beautiful scenery, and that’s one of the things I love about Japanese culture: Enjoying what’s around you and finding peace and tranquility wherever you are. —Justin Harrison

If you really want to enjoy Sapporo away from the crowds and urban sprawl, why not visit Moerenuma Park? When Justin visited there, the weather was perfect for viewing the scenery and contemporary architecture, including the glass pyramid, Hidamari. He was amazed by this magnificent spot where art and nature come together. Justin thought that it was a perfect place for families to have a picnic.


From Sapporo Station to Moerenuma Park

Take a taxi (About 30 minutes).

From Jingisukan Shimadaya to Moerenuma Park

Take a taxi (About 30 minutes).


The capital of Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, draws millions visitors from abroad for many reasons. Skiers and snowboarders make their way through the city en route to Hokkaido’s many ski resorts, while the Sapporo Snow Festival, which is held in February, is one of the city’s most celebrated cultural events.
Access from Tokyo by plane about 1.5 hours~


Stadium Information SAPPORO DOME

The Sapporo Dome is the heart of sports and entertainment in northern Japan.
- From Sapporo Station on the Toho Subway Line to Fukuzumi Station (About 15 minutes). 10-minute walk from Fukuzumi Station.