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Comprehensive highlights and news about sporting experiences and tourism in Japan

Tokyo’s TAMA area: Nature + Sports + Excitement!

Everybody knows Tokyo, but have you heard of Tama area in Tokyo? It’s the “nature side” of Tokyo and it’s a MUST-SEE for every active sport enthusiast!! Located directly west of Tokyo City, the Tama area adds a whole new dimension of sports and activities to any visit to Tokyo!

Day trippers from Tokyo visit to walk in wooded hills and riverside parks, and to bathe in the public hot springs at Gokurakuyu Tama Center. In Tama, you can go trail running, trekking, free climbing, kayaking, canyoning, rafting and even do river SUP! There are so many sports to enjoy! Did you ever think you could do those kinds of things in Tokyo?

Today, we’d like to introduce an exciting movie gallery where you can experience all sorts of thrilling sporting activities in Tama area.

This site showcases videos for both the Tama area and the Shima area, but we’ll be focusing on the Tama area videos.
TAMA & SHIMA Experience Movies
The exciting 360°VR videos in the TAMA & SHIMA Experience Movies section! For example, check out the Okutama video. In Okutama, enjoy the autumn colors from a bridge that floats on a lake, or a suspension bridge that spans a river. The path is smooth and gentle - perfect for walking as you enjoy the view!

The “Akiruno” and “Ome” videos also offer great views of more beautiful places to take a nature walk, whether it’s among exotic temples in Akiruno, or along refreshing rivers in Ome.

Jump down to the “Hinode” video. There, you can become a ninja in a traditional style house. You’ll learn fighting skills, and “use” them in a sword battle, or when you try out a blowgun! Top off your experience by becoming a princess - even if for only a short time. You’re sure to enjoy the fun make-believe experience.

For younger, more animal-centered enthusiasts, the third video showcases a child-friendly zoo in Hamura where you can get some hands-on interaction with the animals, big and small!

The “Hinohara” and “Fussa” videos offer outdoor and indoor excitement. In Hinohara Village, cycle through forest and village, and experience a refreshing ride along the river. You’re sure to feel the cool energy flowing through the local power spot at the river! Then, In Fussa, take a tour in a sake brewery constructed over 200 years ago! Here, the collaboration of traditional recipes and modern technology make for delicious sake! There are beautiful gardens around the brewery - perfect for relaxing while enjoying the sake!
In the TAMA & SHIMA PR Movies section, you’ll see an overview for five categories of fun in the TAMA and SHIMA areas: Wonders, Activities, Retro Culture, Local Food and Relaxation.

In the TAMA & SHIMA PR Movies section, you’ll see an overview for five categories of fun in the TAMA and SHIMA areas: Wonders, Activities, Retro Culture, Local Food and Relaxation.

The final section, TAMA & SHIMA new LUXURY Movies, introduces SUP Yoga, a new kind of luxurious relaxation. A unique way to relax your mind.

Tokyo is so much more than skyscrapers, nightlife and modern technology. Come to the TAMA area to explore another amazing face of Tokyo!

Sports fans are sure to imagine the world’s largest sporting event when they think of Tokyo, but there is so much more!
Watch these exhilarating videos and feel the excitement of these mountain and river recreational sports!