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The Tama area offers the splendors of nature, without leaving Tokyo.

Visit Tama Area

Whether you’re hiking up Mt. Takao, taking in the beautiful views around Lake Okutama, or exploring the Nippara Limestone Caves, you’ll be sure to find something unexpected in the Tama area. The first thing that often takes visitors to the region aback is that it’s within Tokyo’s city limits, and easily accessible by train. Lovers of outdoor sports are in for a treat here, as there’s no shortage of ways to stay active and enjoy the scenery at the same time.



・Keisei Access Express to Nippori; Change to the Yamanote Line and go to Shinjuku Station; Change to the Chuo Line and go to Ōme Station (about 2h 30min.)


・Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho; Change to the Keihintohoku Line and go to Tokyo Station; Change to the Chuo Line and go to Ōme Station (about 2h)

Things To Do


  • Takao Trick Art Museum

    Tama Area - Art

    Takao Trick Art Museum

    Found at the foot of Mt. Takao, the Takao Trick Art Museum makes for an entertaining and amusing visit. Thanks to talented artists who have created clever optical illusions, guests can step into murals and bring the paintings to life with the click of a camera.

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Nature & Park

  • Nippara Limestone Caves

    Tama Area - Nature & Park

    Nippara Limestone Caves

    A short journey from central Tokyo, these limestone caves offer a great way to spend the day away from the city. With their fantastically diverse limestone formations, the caves are truly unforgettable.

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  • Lake Okutama

    Tama Area - Nature & Park

    Lake Okutama

    Found nestled in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park is Lake Okutama. The beautiful body of water, also known as Ogouchi Reservoir, is an easily accessible place where you can experience some of Japan’s stunning natural scenery.

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  • Mt. Takao

    Tama Area - Nature & Park

    Mt. Takao

    Mt. Takao is a mountain located about an hour from downtown Tokyo that is home to incredible views. It has eight hiking courses suitable for all fitness levels, and for those who don't feel like making their way up on foot, there is a cable car.

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  • Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

    Tama Area - History

    Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

    Spread out over seven hectares in Tokyo's western city of Koganei, this open-air adventure provides a peek into yesteryear, via the relocation and preservation of historical buildings. Edifices from the Edo era to the Showa period vividly depict life of days gone by; from a photo studio and a police box, to a bath house and a flower shop.

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  • Forest & Water Okutama

    Tama Area - Experience

    Forest & Water Okutama

    Only 50 minutes from Shinjuku! Enjoy genuine rafting in Tokyo.
    If you want to enjoy genuine rafting in Tokyo, look no further than here! Experienced rafting guides will take you through Tamagawa River's rafting course with thrilling torrents with guaranteed satisfaction.
    You can rent wetsuits and marine shoes, so will only need a swimsuit to participate!

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    Tama Area - Experience


    Supplying the "WOW!" to our customers that exceeds all expectations.All over the world people are beset by the stresses of day to day life as they go through the same motions on a daily basis.
    Refresh yourself in great nature of Tokyo Okutama!
    Canyons aims to be an oasis among all of that.

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  • Rental bicyle in Okutama

    Tama Area - Experience

    Rental bicyle in Okutama

    A plethora of splendours may be reached by bike. From an epic shojin ryori (vegan buddhist fare) eatery, to an historic riverside sake distillery, innumerable attractions lay nestled in this submountain haven of nature.

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  • Raien Sumo Experience Lesson

    Tama Area - Experience

    Raien Sumo Experience Lesson

    Sumo is a sport in which wrestlers try to push each other out of a ring to win. It is recognized as Japan's national sport, and the grand sumo tournament is one of the most popular sporting events in Japan. At Raien, anyone older than the age of 10 can experience sumo.

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